To My Surprise Intel's Classmate Netbook for Kids Still Exists and Just Got Refreshed

Video courtesy of Intelnewsroom

There was a time when the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) notebook program looked like it might start a revolution. As it turns out, it did although the OLPC XO itself did not become a huge success. Most people have probably forgotten the OLPC vs. Intel battle that caused Intel to create the competing Classmate PC for the education market. I, quite honestly, had forgotten about it. VentureBeat, however, noted that Intel refreshed the product line. It includes the usual features associated with netbooks and adds some interesting extras like WiMAX and GPS.

Intel launches new version of its Classmate PC for kids

Intel’s ClassMate PC site is found at:

There are two new models. One is a traditional clamshell design. The other is a covertible that can be transformed into a tablet. The production units are available under a number of names such as 2go PC and Companion PC. The models released in early 2009 still show a price of around $500 which is near the price of other touch screen netbooks. So, there’s no apparent price break for this device aimed at kids.