New England Newspaper Recasts Tom Brady Recast as Superman

Able to leap NFL commissioners in a single bound.

There was never any doubt that front-page editors in Massachusetts were going to have a field day [pun intended] this Friday with Tom Brady’s stunning courtroom defeat of Roger Goodell. Banner headlines include “Pumped Up!” (Salem News), “Elate-gate” (Andover’s Eagle-Tribune) and, by way of a photo of a fan in the stands holding up a sign, “Judge Berman for President” (Boston Herald).

But without a doubt the most intriguing image is the photo graphic concocted by copy editor Joanne Deegan and designer Mike Kilduff. The picture, which re-imagines Brady as the Man of Steel, is on the front of both the Lowell Sun and Fitchburg’s Sentinel & Enterprise. The graphic also towers this a.m. above the Sun’s homepage.

In the case of the Sun, the copy is from Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins; on the Sentinel & Enterprise front page, the chosen op-ed belongs to AP sports columnist Jim Litke. From Jenkins’ take:

Goodell’s imperious conduct, faulty reasoning and vanity-driven clutching at authority in the Tom Brady case were all exposed in a 40-page decision of measured legal language. Lesson to first-year law students: Collective bargaining agreements don’t give an NFL commissioner the right to act like a petty prince.

Or… like Lex Luthor.
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