Columnist Calls Out NFL for Shoddy CBS2 Cutaway

You couldn’t have scripted this any worse. With the Oakland Raiders-Buffalo Bills game yesterday having come down to the final seconds and the black-and-white dug in on their 15-yard line trying to hold a 35-31 lead, CBS2 suddenly cut away–per local LA market obligations–to the start of the Patriots-Chargers game. Or make that a bunch of commercials, then the Jim Nantz Foxboro, MA stadium welcome.

Los Angeles Daily News sports columnist Tom Hoffarth, like every other fan watching, could hardly believe it. Especially when a few minutes later, he learned that the Bills had scored to win the game 38-35. Writes Hoffarth:

A KCBS-Channel 2 spokesman suggested we contact a CBS spokesperson. The network referred us to an NFL spokesman. The NFL offered neither an apology nor an offer to revisit the policy to see if it can altered in future weeks.

“Los Angeles is a secondary market for the Chargers,” NFL TV spokesman Dan Masonson said. “All secondary markets must carry in their entirety all road games of their local team.” That’s all your obligated to say? “We have nothing to add, that is the policy,” he said.
“Heidi” and seek, my friends.

That Heidi is of course a reference to an infamous 1968 broadcast glitch involving NBC, the New York Jets and, once again, the Raiders. Or the first of what now amounts to two broadcast black eyes for a team that, in-between, belonged to LA.

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