Tom Leykis Celebrates a Year of Online Merriment

It was exactly one year ago that, free of a five-year CBS Radio contractual hold, Tom Leykis set out to became a master of the online universe.

Reflecting on his one-year anniversary, the former KLSX afternoon drive king makes no bones about the fact that it has all been very experimental:

We didn’t know if it would last six months when we started. We didn’t know if the stream would be dependable for a large audience. We didn’t know if there would even be a large audience.

And yet, when the first year ended, we had worked about 50 weeks out of 52, the most I’ve worked since 30 years ago in Albany, New York. When I was at Westwood One and CBS Radio, we worked about 45 weeks most years with seven weeks of vacation and holidays.

I had no idea it would be like this: working seven days most weeks, often frustrating, exhilarating, and the most fun I’ve had since my first three years in LA 1988-91.

As we’ve documented, Leykis has done all sorts of cool and unusual things during Year One, on both the programming and PR front. The latest example is the eBay auctioning of a special one-year anniversary in-studio hang. The winning bidder paid $3,200 for that privilege. Read Leykis’ full blog post here.

[Photo credit: Nanette Gonzales]

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