Mediaite’s Christopher, Town Hall’s Pavlich Shootout Over Defeated Gun Bill

Partisan passions were predictably on high Wednesday after a gun control bill was shot down in the Senate by a majority of Republicans and a few Democrats. The right, gleeful. The left, indignant.

“Thank you NRA,” tweeted Town Hall Editor Katie Pavlich. Mediaite‘s liberal columnist Tommy Christopher inserted himself into the debate, saying, “Yeah, thanks for the next dead children. And the previous.” What followed was a back and forth that rivals one of the famous Piers Morgan-Dana Loesch shootouts.

“Really Christopher? You’re still pulling the ‘you want dead children’ card?” replied Pavlich. “Grow up.”

Christopher argued that background checks on gun buyers and limits on gun magazines are reasonable forms of regulation on firearms. He continued to say that Second Amendment enthusiasts were insensitive to children killed by guns.

“Nice, keep playing that card,” Pavlich said again. “And just for your information, my ‘high capacity’ magazine is standard protection against bad guys, like [Jared] Loughner.” Loughner was sentenced to life in prison after shooting up a political rally in Arizona in 2011.

“I’d respect you more if you just admitted that your reloading convenience is more valuable than saving one kid,” Christopher replied.

It was a downward spiral from there.

“No you need stupid control. You and Joe Biden should hang out together,” said Pavlich.

Christopher retorted, “No, YOU need stupid control, NO BACKSIES!”

The two continued to argue over whether there should be a limit on gun magazines. When it came to police carrying firearms, Christopher said, “Cops can have all the rounds they want.”

“And so can I. Thank you and goodnight,” Pavlich said. The fight concluded there.

So how are they one day later?

Christopher began his morning blocking someone on Twitter who invoked Hitler while defending the Second Amendment as an absolute right. Pavlich, meanwhile, is listening to “Hands” by Jewel.

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