Too Much Cussin’ On Treme?

David Simon’s newest HBO series “Treme,” about life in post-Katrina New Orleans, has continued to draw rave reviews since its premiere last month.

Journalist and blogger Richard Prince likes the show, but on his Maynard Institute blog, Prince notes that episode 6,”featured some 36 cases of characters unloading the F-bomb, the S-bomb or some other gratuitous bomb.” He tracked down one of the show’s writers — former Times-Picayune reporter Lolis Eric Elie — and asked her what’s up with the potty mouth.

I’ve heard the concern that there is too much cursing from several people, including my father. I’d agree with you that the casual use of foul language coarsens our culture more broadly. It can be too readily acceptable to curse, even in front of older people and authority figures — the very people we used to put on our best behavior for. The show walks a thin line between chronicling reality and also creating an atmosphere where language and action are just a little more clever and exciting that you might encounter on a daily basis. So our language reflects this world that we have created out of the world we live in. It’s not our ambition to offend. But hearing this from you will have me checking out the dialog with more sensitive ears.

For the record, we here at FBLA love cursing — nudity too for that matter. It’s the reason we subscribe to HBO…or would subscribe if we couldn’t get all the good shows for free from illegal Russian video hosting sites.