Tool of the Day: Meporter

There are no shortage of helpful apps available for the reporter who needs to cover news on the go. We’ve covered apps for both iPhones and Android devices, and Meporter is a great addition to the hundreds of apps available for journalism.

Here’s a brief video about how the service works:

Meporter allows you to quickly report on news from wherever you are. Once you load the app, you have five sections to choose from: Map, Newswire, Post, Friends, and Profile. The Map view uses GPS to show you which stories have been posted near you or are currently happening around you. The Newswire view is similar to the Map view, except the stories are listed in a tabular format. You can also filter the currently available stories using any of the 20+ categories available on Meporter.

The Post view allows you to create your own stories with just a few taps on your smartphone. Write your post title, draft some copy about the event, attach your multimedia, select the appropriate category, specify the location, and you’re done! Stories post to the Meporter website where you can earn “press passes”, which are badges that you can redeem for prizes like Meporter paraphernalia, magazine subscriptions, and cash. When you post your story, you also have the option of sharing it to your Facebook or Twitter networks for further distribution.

The Friends view lets you manage your contacts on Meporter, and can import users from your address book, Facebook, or Twitter. The Profile view gives you a quick glance at your Meporter profile, as well as access to any badges you have earned. The Meporter app’s responsive controls, attractive design, and robust features make this a great addition to any journalist’s toolbox.

Meporter is currently available on both iOS and Android for free. Keep up with the Meporter team by visiting them at, or by following them on Facebook or Twitter.