This Week On Twitter: Unspiritual Tweets, 100m Active Users And The 10 Worst Twitter Buzzwords

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a very unspiritual reaction on Twitter from a world-famous spiritualist, the ten worst Twitter buzzwords, how Twitter is the fastest-growing social network, Twitter announcing 100 million active users and a look at the effectiveness of social media marketing.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. That’s Not Very Spiritual! Deepak Chopra Tells Twitter Critic To ‘Shut Up’

Time magazine credits Deepak Chopra as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine”. Chopra typically writes on subjects such as the mind-body connection and spirituality, and recommends ridding oneself of negative emotions to improve health and wellbeing. It was somewhat surprising, then, when he responded to some criticism on Twitter by publicly telling the person involved to ‘shut up’.

2. The 10 Worst Twitter Buzzwords

The BBC takes a look at how Twitter has made an impact on the English language, spawning an entire legion of new words that play off the name of the social network – specifically the first two letters. Examples include Tweeple, meaning a person who uses Twitter (and is a portmanteau of the words Twitter and people),Twagiarism (Twitter and plagiarism) and Twittiquette(Twitter and etiquette). Yes: it’s all very horrible indeed.

3. Twitter: The Fastest-Growing Social Network [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter’s 32% increase in traffic in 2011 is enough to see the network leapfrog LinkedIn as the number two most-visited social network overall, behind Facebook, says TechVibes, touting data from Comscore.

4. Is Social Media Marketing Effective? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The short answer? Yes. But if you need more detail, this infographic created by Column Five Media for MDG Advertising provides a very thorough look at the ROI of social media.

5. How Does Twitter’s 100 Million Active Users Compare To Facebook And LinkedIn? [CHART]

Twitter, like its peers in the social space, defines an active user as somebody who logs on just once per month. But what about all users, including those who are less active than this? A couple of weeks back I estimated that Twitter’s total membership tally (all registered profiles) should be around the 254 million mark. From this we can deduce that approximately 40 percent of Twitter’s total users are active. So how does that compare to the other major social networks?

6. 9 Expert Tips For Social Media Marketers [INFOGRAPHIC]

The benefits of a well-structured and planned social media marketing campaign are no longer just theoretical, but entirely proven. Businesses and brands of all sizes can tap into the power of social media to raise awareness of their products and services, boost sales and deliver fantastic customer support. But where do you begin, and how do you prepare?

7. Twitter Announces 100 Million Active Users

Breaking its long-time silence on sharing numbers, Twitter hasannounce a huge milestone today: they have 100 million active users sending tweets, retweeting, following, unfollowing and reading content on their network.

8. 32% Of All UK Adults Now Have A Twitter Profile [REPORT]

PR firm Umpf conducted a research study that asked nearly 2,400 UK adults questions about the social networking platforms that they used. The results are in and they’re fascinating. According to the study, Twitter has an estimated 15.5 million users in the UK (about 32% of all adults), is favoured equally by both genders and is most popular with users between the ages of 18-44.

9. Only 10.9 Percent Of Twitter Users Find Promoted Tweets Annoying

Twitter users appear to be pretty happy with the ads they’ve been seeing on the network lately. According to a survey by market research firm Lab42 examined by eMarketer, only 10.9 percent of US Twitter users dislike seeing Promoted Tweets in their timeline. So why are Twitter users so happy with the ads they’ve been seeing?

10. 100 Million People Have Their Klout Scores – Do You?

Klout has announced today that 100 million people have used their service to find their Klout score. That’s 100 million different Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media accounts hooked up to Klout to see just how influential they are on the social web. And that’s a big deal.

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