Revealed: The 10 Countries Most Addicted To Twitter

New research from digital marketing research company comScore was released this week that measures the level of Twitter’s penetration around the world on a country-by-country basis.

The study unveils the top 10 countries where Twitter has the greatest reach amongst the online population, and reveals a surprising winner.

The country where Twitter dominates most strongly is The Netherlands, where a heady 26.8% of the online population use the network, or about 3.2 million people.

Amazingly, this places Twitter third overall in The Netherlands behind usual suspect Facebook (6.56 million), and Dutch social networking site Hyves (7.65 million). LinkedIn ranks fourth, and Facebook is expected to take the top spot by this time next year.

An impressive 96 per cent of the Netherland’s total online population – some 11.5 million people out of a total population of 16.67 million – visited a social network in March of this year, up 18 per cent from 2010.

“The social networking market in the Netherlands is really quite unique and full of interesting storylines,” said Mike Read, svp and managing director of comScore Europe. “It is one of the few markets remaining where a local social networking player [Hyves] continues to lead Facebook, but that lead is becoming increasingly tenuous. Another interesting facet to this market is that the Netherlands has the highest Internet penetration worldwide for two of the other key global social networking sites, Twitter and Linkedin. The Netherlands is in many ways a nexus of global social networking behavior.”

The top 10 in full:

1. Netherlands 26.8%
2. Japan 26.6%
3. Brazil 23.7%
4. Indonesia 22.0%
5. Venezuela 21.0%
6. Canada 18.0%
7. Argentina 18.0%
8. Turkey 16.6%
9. Philippines 16.1%
10. Singapore 16.0%

You’ll note that neither the US or UK claim a spot in the top 10, although both countries have a higher number of total users than all countries except Brazil (which is above the UK), with the USA making up over half of all Twitter profiles according to data released last year by Sysomos. The same research – which needs an update – also suggested that London was the number one Twitter-using city in the world, with 2.08% of the population active on the network.

(Source: comScore. Image source: The Oatmeal.)


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