Top 10 Words to Remove from Your Resume in 2014

The dedicated researchers at LinkedIn published a list of 2013’s top 10 most overused “buzzwords” yesterday after taking a break from playing Grand Theft Auto V to scan a few of their 259 million current users’ profiles.

These aren’t necessarily the words you hear bandied about in all those tedious client meetings; they’re more like a series of terms you should delete from your resume/profile when you update it for the new year. Here are the prime offenders along with our subjective interpretations; the first three were surprisingly consistent throughout the many countries using the English-language version of the service.

  • Responsible: “I will be the coolest babysitter EVER!!!!!”
  • Strategic: “I take semi-coherent notes during meetings and will offer an opinion when called upon.”
  • Creative: “I think outside of whatever box you tell me to think outside of. Unless you don’t.”
  • Effective: “I don’t play World of Warcraft at work anymore. Most of the time.”
  • Patient: “I rank ‘sitting quietly and pretending to be paying attention’ among my most important skills.”
  • Expert: “I joined Snapchat before any of my friends did.”
  • Organizational: “Evernote and Remember the Milk are way better than the ‘reminders’ app. And do you use Mint? You really should.”
  • Driven: “I’m not asking you for a raise, I’m just telling you that I probably deserve one.”
  • Innovative: “My behavior will surprise you in (mostly) positive ways!” We already covered this one. Time to find some synonyms.
  • Analytical: “I have 352 Twitter followers, 212 of which seem to be real people.”

In summary, you might need to include “consult” on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2014. Oh, and here’s your infographic:

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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