Puzzle, Sim, and Casino Games Lead This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

This week’s list of emerging Facebook games — which we define as those that grew the most to end the week at less than 1 million monthly active users — is a mishmash of different types of titles. On the list we have sim games such as Flutter, Happy Kingdom, and Treasure Land, puzzle games like Miner Speed and Temple of Mahjong, and casino games like WPT Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and CROWDPARK.

According to AppData,our metrics service for analyzing the growth in the top Facebook games, the largest percentage growth game from Flutter and Boss Vegas, which grew by 600% and 400% respectively. We will be watching these games closely over the next few weeks to see if they continue to grow or if they are peaking this week.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Video Galerisi 527,231 +421,321 +398%
2. Flutter 281,870 +241,725 +602%
3. แฮปปี้เบบี้ 303,735 +236,416 +351%
4. TrainCity 479,386 +234,371 +96%
5. The Qpiz – L’amore è un gioco 403,488 +183,118 +83%
6. Happy Kingdom 735,803 +155,526 +27%
7. Boss Vegas 191,383 +153,070 +400%
8. Treasure Land 548,025 +152,435 +39%
9. Dragon Age Legends 744,395 +123,189 +20%
10. Texas HoldEm Poker – Deluxe: 706,126 +99,717 +16%
11. Miner Speed 603,649 +84,112 +16%
12. CROWDPARK – Betting Game 230,788 +81,767 +55%
13. WPT Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 620,720 +76,195 +14%
14. King.com 589,314 +66,252 +13%
15. Horse Academy 459,257 +65,207 +17%
16. Buddy Rush 392,541 +64,226 +20%
17. Temple of Mahjong 230,856 +62,235 +37%
18. 龍之契約 157,943 +59,904 +61%
19. Social Empires 856,882 +56,674 +7%
20. Punch Punch Revolution 186,796 +51,200 +38%

Boss Vegas is a game that launched in February. We reviewed this casino game shortly after it launched, deciding that it was a nicely polished game with some interesting mechanics that lacked in innovative social features and difficulty. Until the end of March, Boss Vegas was hovering at a very steady 15,000 MAU before taking off in the last week. Judging by the falling retention percentages, it would appear this was the sudden introduction of a cross promotion or marketing spend. Boss Vegas was developed by Happy Elements, who also have the titles My Fishbowl and Happy Kingdom.

Punch Punch Revolution is an interesting game by Alii, Inc that launched last May to little fanfare. It’s touted as a motion control game, using your webcam to detect your hands and your movement. Of course, it is a fighting game allowing you to battle enemies to level up and unlock new areas. It feels like a Flash title found on a games portal and very little like a Facebook app. In addition, the webcam feature doesn’t actually seem to function — on several computers it failed to detect a webcam. Punch Punch Revolution also does not contain many viral features, but may be gaining traffic through the Applifier network that it is a part of. There isn’t much to be impressed about at this point, but Punch Punch Revolution does inspire some interesting thoughts about the future technology and integration of Facebook games.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.

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