Top 20 Up and Coming Apps This Week: Simple Apps and Games

Social games may be dominating the top of the application charts on AppData, but the fastest-growing apps with between 100,000 and 1 million users show a broader mix. This past week, as in many previous ones, it has been a mix of simple quiz and gifting apps, many focused on specific languages, cultures and religions, with a smattering of rising games in the mix.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, % Developer
1. Animal Hunter 786,127 +575,904 +274.0 —
2. Jungle Jewels 900,423 +226,369 +33.6 GameDuell
3. O-Meter App Factory 557,312 +223,151 +66.8 3happybytes
4. Who was i, in my past life ? 216,115 +206,608 +2 173.2 Nikolas Chalkidis A
5. Quiztastic! 833,167 +151,151 +22.2 Playfish
6. Birthday Countdown 653,265 +144,059 +28.3 Internet Design Zone
7. How Sexy Is Your Name Calculator 401,513 +132,449 +49.2 Internet Design Zone
8. Superfan 738,384 +121,679 +19.7
9. Which Car suits your Personality? 566,827 +103,988 +22.5 Gaurav Kapahi
10. Trivias Locas – Trivias, encuestas y tests 583,331 +96,887 +19.9 3happybytes
11. Chain Rxn 929,287 +90,019 +10.7 Zwigglers
12. Who Were You In A Past Life? 357,900 +67,406 +23.2 a
13. QUE CLASE DE MAMA ERES 278,429 +60,336 +27.7 Clara Carolina Martinez Junge
14. Tetris Friends 726,255 +59,023 +8.9 Tetris Online, Inc
15. Your Zodiac Profile 169,585 +52,933 +45.4 Internet Design Zone
16. My Family 709,265 +50,685 +7.7
17. Chakpak Movies 817,961 +48,279 +6.3 Chakpak Media
18. Pirates of the World 875,634 +41,109 +4.9
19. Fairyland 319,441 +40,899 +14.7 Play and Connect Ltd
20. What do they say about me? 538,628 +38,937 +7.8 3happybytes

At the top are two games, both of the puzzle variety. Number one is Animal Hunter, with 576,000 new users to reach 786,000 monthly active users. Although the game is available in 9 languages, most of its fans appear to be Chinese speakers. No developer is listed, although it appears to be cross-promoting apps from Hong Kong developer 6 Waves.

Jungle Jewels, made by GameDuell and patterned after PopCap’s classic Bejeweled game, grew by 226,000 to reach 900,000. Both games were on our up-and-coming list last week, as well, but given this growth we expect them to have moved up and off of it next week. Other games on the list include: Tetris Friends, made by Tetris Online Inc; Playfish‘s Quiztastic; and virtual world Fairyland, from Play and Connect Ltd.

But most apps on the list, as usual, were not games. As in recent weeks, Argentinian developer shop 3happybytes has a few apps on the up-and-coming list. Three, this time, including app creator O-Meter App Factory at number three. It gained 223,000 to reach 557,000. Since massive growth last month, 3happybyte’s simple-app empire has stayed relatively steady at nearly 30 million monthly active users.

Another simple-app developer, Internet Design Zone, also has three apps on today’s list. The company makes a number of simple web sites and apps, and has been seeing a surge on Facebook since early August. With 43 apps, that we know of, it has reached 1.92 million monthly actives as of today, by far its highest mark in the last 90 days. Its up-and-coming apps include Birthday Countdown at number 6, How Sexy Is Your Name Calculator at number 7 and Your Zodiac Profile at number 15.

We’re also seeing international apps on today’s list, although not as many as in past weeks. Some culture or religion-specific apps tend to surge around particular holidays (see the burst of Ramadan-related gifting apps last month, for example), so the lack of worldwide holidays now may explain the drop. Another reason is that many of these apps are available in more than one language, as is the case with Animal Hunter. In any case, today’s list includes: 3happybytes Trivias Locas – Trivias, encuestas y tests at number 10, QUE CLASE DE MAMA ERES by a person named Clara Carolina Martinez Junge, and Indian movie app Chakpak Movies made by Chakpak Media.