Top 25 MySpace Games for May 2010

MySpace has never been as much of a roller coaster ride when it comes to numbers — at least not in comparison to Facebook’s platform, what with its rapid growth and its constant anti-viral changes.

Top MySpace games have historically  inched up their numbers of active users. This month, however, virtually all of Facebook’s Top 25 apps suffered significant player losses. Facebook removed third-party notifications at the beginning of March, and most games have since dropped significantly. Conversely, top MySpace apps have had a good month, with all but four of the 25 titles seeing a gain in the number of new installations.

Part of the reason for this new growth is likely due to recent core interface changes that MySpace added not too long ago. Here are the current highlights for the Top 25 MySpace Games for May 2010:

  • Playdom‘s Mobsters continues its reign as the most popular of MySpace’s social games, gaining 58,158 more installations over last month’s numbers.
  • Unlike its Facebook counterpart that shrunk as other Zynga games expanded (like Treasure Isle), Mafia Wars remains at #2 with just shy of 13.3 million total installs.
  • BitRhymes is on the rise this month. Its simple application, Tag Me goes from from #7 to #5 gaining over 430,000 new user installations over the course of April. It beats Zynga Poker and Slide‘s SuperPoke Pets at #6 and #7 respectively.
  • As you may have noticed, Zynga’s virtual world YoVille is once again absent from the charts. Don’t worry, the game is still around the #7 spot, but with MySpace removing the number of new installs from the app gallery, and the app itself displaying nothing as well, there are simply no numbers to accurately report.
  • Cheers!! does not appear in the application gallery – again! – but checking in on it manually shows it at #9 with 5,272,547 installs.
  • Oxylabs also sees some growth this month, sliding in at #18 with the app What is your Street Reputation. The title earns 240,518 new installs, totaling just over 2.2 million. It moves up from #20.
  • Additionally, Oxylabs also gained over 100,000 new users for its other application, PhotoBuzz.
  • The three old Zynga RPGs, as well as Playdom’s Heroes, suffer losses this month with Gang Wars losing over 2,000 users, Dragon Wars, just under 2,000, Fashion Wars losing 2,300, and Heroes 9,900.

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