Top 5 Cat-Themed April Fool’s Pranks

Catpy April Mewls Day! It's no secret that the Internet loves cats. Some of today's cleverest pranks involve the furry creatures. Here's a rundown of a few we thought were the cat's meow.

Catpy April Mewls Day! It’s no secret that the Internet loves cats. Some of today’s cleverest pranks involve the furry creatures. Here’s a rundown of a few we thought were the cat’s meow.

5. Vimeo Becomes Vimeow: You’ve got to put those cat videos somewhere, and Vimeo[w] wants to be your host.

4. Hulu is promoting some fake shows from real shows in its carousel today, including Itchy & Scratchy, the cartoon the characters of “The Simpsons” watch.

3. Oberlin becomes Meowberlin: It’s a big edgier for an institution of higher learning to go for a Catpril Fools joke, but Oberlin has pulled it off with aplumb. For users clicking to get more information about the kitteh image featured on the homepage, Oberlin has provided link to a local animal rescue organization, tugging at our bleeding heartstrings.

2. Mobile design optimized for cats: We like this joke because it’s not entirely fake. There is a YouTube channel for cats, and just a couple of weeks ago Friskies hosted a hackathon for mobile apps for cats.

“YouTube has recently been dominated by cats. Even the simplest video of a cat using an iPad app easily gathers millions of viewers. Bowing to this takeover, our clients are increasingly asking us, “How can we improve our site or app for cats?” With their lack of opposable thumbs and ever-shifting focus, cats are certainly a challenging target audience,” said the Nielsen Norman Group.

Early research has found that “Rapid double and triple taps are common among felines, especially kittens.”

1. The army has a sense of humor, but Grumpy Cat is annoyed. She’s annoyed, among other things, by threats to our national security. So the army plans to send her and her feline ilk off fight for our freedom.

The army says cats will make useful additions to their battle regiments.

“For example, dogs can hear five times more acutely than humans, and cats about twice as acutely as dogs. Also, a domestic cat’s sense of smell is about fourteen times as strong as a human’s,” the army said in a press release.

The army has already begun collecting stray cats from Northern Virginia, Alas, some appear to be conscientious objectors and have sent several soldiers to the infirmary with scratches.

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