Top 5 Most Pirated eBooks – 21 September

It’s that time again. For the past several months I’ve been following the stats offered by The Pirate Bay. TPB tracks which torrents are being shared the most, and while it is not scientifically accurate, the TPB list does say some interesting things about piracy.

That list is rather interesting, and the results have been fairly consistent. It’s been only 5 days since I last posted on this topic. Normally I would wait another week before posting on this topic again, but today’s list offered the opportunity to make a joke that I could not pass up. We can clearly see from this list that today’s pirates are heavily focused on the art of seduction, as well as what comes after.

  1. How to Instantly Connect with Anyone: 96 All-New Little Tricks
  2. Never Be Lied to Again: How to Get the Truth In 5 Minutes Or Less
  3. How to Win Every Argument : The Use and Abuse of Logic
  4. Tracey Cox :100 Hot Sex Positions
  5. Excel 2010 Formulas



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