Top 7 Reasons I Didn't Buy An iPad

I love Apple products but I’ve never been the first to purchase any of their products and I hope to never be. While I like to consider myself an early adopter there are simply too many reasons not to purchase the company’s latest device. Despite having countless reasons to avoid purchasing the device, here’s our list of the top 7 reasons not to purchase the iPad.

No Camera

Seriously? Hey, I like seeing myself when I’m writing these incredible blog posts! Alright, maybe I’m not actually looking at myself but I’d at least enjoy being able to communicate with my friends and family while seeing them and them seeing me. Then again I can’t imagine standing in the front row of a concert and saying, “Hold on guys, I’ll grab of photo of this, let me whip out my iPad!” Then subsequently blocking the view of the 5 people behind me with my sexy new device.

No Processing In The Background

Imagine introducing a “revolutionary” product that marks a step backward for technology. That’s exactly what the iPad is doing by providing a tool that serves as nothing more than a great coffee table object to grab your visitors’ attention. Can the iPad substitute my laptop when I take a plane ride? Not really because I can’t accomplish everything I’d want to do in an efficient manner. While there’s an argument against multi-tasking altogether (97.5 percent of people can’t effectively multi-task), not being able to use two applications simultaneously is pretty annoying.

No Simple Inter-app Communication

I’d only buy a device if I can work from it on a plane. The task of putting together a blog post, writing it, and then editing an image to include in the post requires at least three applications and that means I need to do every task sequentially. Often times I’d much rather move between two tasks and not being able to quickly send the activity from one application (an image) to another application (a word processor) makes things pretty challenging.

Because It’s The Same Price As A PC Laptop

While I personally use a Mac, I could go purchase a Dell for the same price and it will accomplish everything I want. If I wanted to upgrade to something that is light weight yet powerful and Apple brand, I could opt for the Macbook Air. The bottom line is that the iPad is not cheap and despite having the resources to purchase one, I have yet to find a good excuse to spend the money, aside from covering it on this site.

Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

I spent the morning listening to people explain how they were purchasing an iPad and the only thing people could say is “this is cool”. Seriously? All I could think of is that these people have become lemmings to Steve Jobs. It reminded me of the guy in the Onion video (embedded below), who says that he’ll buy any piece of crap that they (the marketers) pitch to him (there are some curse words in the video).

I’m Saving The Environment

I have two laptops, a Kindle, a Blackberry, and an iPhone, and while I’d like to purchase tons of gadgets, it’s in the best interest of the environment to only purchase goods which serve some sort of utility. This may be a pretty extreme example, however I only see the purchase of an iPad as a need for excess. Then again, if you don’t have a Kindle, I could see this as an expensive Kindle substitute that will help save paper.

No Advanced Photo Editing

While developers are probably working on a great photo editing software for the iPad, I can’t think of a single robust photo editing app that I can manage with just my fingers. With the lack of a mouse (yes, there’s no mouse available yet), I can’t effectively edit images. Editing images has become a necessity for me.


After taking these 7 things into consideration, I decided that purchasing an iPad was not yet a smart idea. If I purchased one, I’d have to carry it with my laptop on trips, not substitute it. As I mentioned before, I could substitute it for a Dell laptop or a Macbook Air, if I simply wanted a light-weight alternative to my primary Macbook Pro. As a stockholder of Apple I’m extremely grateful that the Apple brand alone is sufficient to sell millions of new devices, however as a thoughtful consumer I don’t see any reason to jump on the iPad train anytime soon.

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