‘Top Chef’ Cocktail Party Makes Guests Sign Scary-Sounding Waiver

Report inside today’s filming of the “Top Chef” cocktail party: “So far just a stand around and wait party. Outside waiting in sun for 30 made everyone in need of face powdering . Release signed clarifies top chef not responsible if food served kills us.”

So far the location is horribly under wraps, but we’ll find out and bring it to you, and more, ASAP. Stay tuned….

Update: The party runs from 12:30 p.m to 4:30 p.m.
Update: The place: Mellon Auditorium on Constitution Avenue.
Update: Our spy remarked,”The food was excellent.” They decked the room out in a cherry blossom themed decor. “I think the point was just to make good Americana food,” the spy added. “I can’t get into specifics about the food but it was good.” Rules: They asked guests not to look at any of the judges while they were tasting the food. “They wanted it to have a natural cocktail party feel, and not [that of] a formal affair.”