Top Emerging Android Apps: Wallpapers, Madden, Electronic Arts & More

The top paid, free and grossing Android app charts are alive and well this week with several new and updated titles appearing across all of them. While many games to receive new updates are familiar — such as Angry Birds Seasons and Restaurant Story — some are completely new to mobile in general (e.g. Sprinkle), rising simply due to high quality. Of all the highlights today, the majority is as usual from the gaming genre, but it is worth noting that many of the top 50 apps are, in fact, utility and entertainment applications.

New Titles Within Top Paid Android Apps List

Koi Live Wallpaper — The first new highlight to the top paid Android apps list is Koi Live Wallpaper. Ranking in at #12 this $0.99 app allows users to have a virtual koi fish pond as their device wallpaper. With this current version, users can customize their pond to some degree, changing the fish population, background image, and adding raindrops and lily pads. The app was last updated August 10th, and has grown drastically (in terms of installs) in recent days. Koi Live Wallpaper is developed by Kittehface Software, a 2010-founded company who hosts several wallpaper applications on the Android platform.

Sprinkle —  Sprinkle is a newly released physics game in which players must put out spreading fires before they consume nearby homes. In order to do so, players control the height and angle of a stationary fire hose, and use limited amounts of water to manipulate the terrain so that the water flow can reach all fires. Costing $1.50, the game is noted to have been last updated August 24th and is developed by a small Swedish company called Mediocre Games. Though Sprinkle is their first release, it is ranked at #21 on the Android paid charts and was also #19 for iPhone earlier this week.

Kevin Hart — The #22 app today is Kevin Hart. Another new release (August 25th), the game is a Doodle Jump style of game in which players use their smartphone’s accelerometer to move comedian Kevin Hart from platform to platform. The objective is to reach as high as possible without falling or running out of time. The game costs $1.00 and is credited to the company of Bent Pixels. Bent Pixels is a Las Vegas-based publisher of games for platforms such as iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Thus far, Kevin Hart, is the only noted Android app under their name.

Smart Keyboard PRO — A recently updated (August 25th) utility application makes its way onto the top list at #24. Smart Keyboard PRO is a popular keyboard app that supports several languages, skins, and voice input. Additionally, the app contains a built in “smart” dictionary and its last update added in support for special characters for nearly two dozen languages such as French, German, and Italian. Smart Keyboard PRO is created by Dexilog, a technology company whose only noted Android application is the $2.87 Smart Keyboard PRO. Dictionaries for many of the supported languages in PRO can be downloaded on Android Market as well, for free.

Madden NFL 12 — One more new release appears on the top paid Android apps list. Released just August 30th is the new Madden NFL 12 from the second largest games developer in the world, Electronic Arts. More specifically, it is developed by EA Sports. Sitting in the #25 position, the football game is the latest iteration of the long running Madden franchise, boasting the most up-to-date NFL rosters and features such as “Total Defensive Control” and “Action Control Time,” in which players can pause the game and adjust their players’ positioning based on the situation at hand. Madden NFL 12 for Android costs $6.99.

New Titles Within Top Free Android Apps List

Drunk Man — Moving into the top free Android apps list, the #11 title is a strange game called Drunk Man. In the app players control a very drunk man by the name of David and must attempt to keep his swaying body upright long enough to reach the gift store for his very angry wife. Last updated August 26th, the game has been growing in recent time, but little information is provided regarding its developer GameLinkMe. The only other title from the company is another free app called Fishing Game.

Angry Bird Seasons — The Finnish company of Rovio Mobile has updated its hit mobile title, Angry Birds Seasons. Just updated today, September 1st, the game of slinging birds at poorly constructed structures, to squish the pigs inside, adds in a new set of 30 Chinese-themed levels in the new “Moon Festival.” Beyond the new levels, players can also attempt to find eight hidden pieces of “mooncake” and unlock a new, secret level once all have been found. The newly updated version of Angry Birds Seasons is ranked at #22.

ColorNote Notepad Notes — Next up comes the August 29th-updated title of ColorNote Notepad Notes at #23. The title is a utility app that allows users to take simple notes, organize them like colored sticky notes, protect them with passwords, and supports backup notes. In terms of installations, the app has done steadily well and has only grown slightly in the last few days. Its developer is credited as simply “Notes,” who has created several apps of the utility nature, including flashlight, clock, and dictionary apps.

Racing Moto — DroidHen is yet another enigmatic developer with several Android applications under its belt. One of these apps is today’s #30 title, Racing Moto. The app is a motorcycle racing game in which players weave in and out of rush hour traffic on a three-lane highway. Using tilt controls, players attempt to ride as far and as fast as they can without crashing. The app’s install rate was relatively steady, until an August 20th update that added the ability to choose one’s motorcycle and improved that game’s visuals. Since then, the number of installs have begun to climb dramatically, nearing the 5 million mark; according to information on Android Market.

Tetris Free — Electronic Arts is making a second appearance today with the August 24th release of Tetris Free for Android. The mobile version of the classic puzzle game, in which players piece together falling blocks in order to form complete rows, that disappear, so that they do not reach the top, has been doing quite well since its launch. It has been rising dramatically with somewhere around 500,000 installs thus far. Tetris Free is ranked at #31.

New Titles Within Top Grossing Android Apps List

Restaurant Story & Farm Story —  TeamLava, the social and mobile gaming arm of Storm8 is no stranger to the top lists, and two of its top titles — Restaurant Story and Farm Story have found themselves with recent updates. Ranked at #8 and #22 respectively, the social business sims, that allow users to build and manage a restaurant or farm, have each received a bit of new content. Updated August 5th, Restaurant Story added in new drink and stove items, plus screen shots. As for Farm Story, it received an update just August 26th adding in new decorative items (such as a Koi Pond) that players can build using special items collected from friends.

Eternity Warriors — Moving all the way down to #27 comes the game of Eternity Warriors from publicly traded studio, Glu Mobile. The game puts players into the land of Udar in which players must stop a demon threat with the help of their friends. A top-down, fantasy role-playing game, users hack-and-slash their way through hordes of enemies in a medieval version of the Gun Bros premise. Last updated August 26th with general bug fixes, the game has risen dramatically in the past few weeks, and according to information on Android Market, is currently sitting at about 500,000 installations. The game monetizes through in-app purchases and was also recently a top grossing app on iOS.

The Sims 3 — Once again, Electronic Arts appears in this week’s top Android apps charts. This time the game is The Sims 3 which was last updated August 25th. The mobile version of the popular PC counterpart, players can create their own Sims and have them live out whatever life they see fit. A casual simulation game, it has grown steadily over the past month, and is a paid app costing $6.99. That price tag has brought The Sims 3 up to the #30 spot on the top grossing Android apps list.

Titanium Backup PRO Key root — The #31 grossing Android app is also the #4 paid app: Titanium Backup PRO Key root from Titanium Track. Last updated August 25th, the application is a root application that costs $6.23. Titanium Backup PRO Key root first requires its free version to be installed, with this version converting it to the PRO version. Once done, the app allows users to create multiple backups for apps, allows for multi-user support on some apps, hosts batch verification, and even encryption.

Star Legends — The final title of the day is the #43 app, Star Legends. Created by developer Spacetime Studioswho has also breached the top grossing Android apps list with its other game, Pocket Legends — the game is a sci-fi MMOG in which players join one another to battle against alien creatures as one of three different classes: The Commando, the Operative, or the Engineer. Updated August 23rd, the game’s install base has spiked significantly in the past few days. It is also free-to-play, monetizing through in-app purchases.

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