The Top 25 Newspapers on Twitter

The Wrap calculated the American newspapers with the most Twitter follows, and compared the results to a similar list compiled five months ago.

It’s a great indication of the New York Times’ sheer dominance: at 3,062,437 followers, the Times is the only U.S. newspaper with more than a million followers. The Chicago Tribune is a distant second at 829,742 followers. Next on the list are the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times.

The biggest growers on Twitter were the San Francisco Chronicle and New York Newsday, both of which more than doubled their follower counts in the five months since the initial list was compiled.

The list only looked at print newspapers, but just for fun, we compared the Times‘ Twitter followers to those of Huffington Post, thinking that a digital news organization would be a solid match for the Gray Lady in the Twitterverse.

Nope! At 959, 715 followers as of the writing of this post, HuffPo still falls below one million.

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