Toy Rush: Uber Entertainment shows off upcoming tower defense game

Image via Uber Entertainment

Uber Entertainment has released new details about its upcoming tower defense game Toy Rush. The game is expected to come to iOS devices in early 2014, and mixes tower defense with card collection in both single player missions and multiplayer combat.

Toy Rush will see players collecting a variety of toys, and using them to attack friends’ bases or defend their own.

When playing defensively, players can design their paths, placing a variety of units to defend it, like rubber band launchers, gum ball blasters and bottle rockets. Players can also use gum or jacks as traps to slow down enemy progress.

Image via Uber Entertainment

In the game’s offensive multiplayer, players will attack their friends’ club houses to steal their tickets, using weapons like rainbow projectiles, bombs and more. Players have access to a variety of animal toys, including toads and sharks.

Tickets can be used to purchase new packs of random cards, with the possibility for better or rarer cards costing more in-game money. These cards can be used to make existing units stronger, speed up gameplay or heal specific units in battle, as examples. Some super rare toys are also available, and are capable of massive attacks.

Toy Rush will feature an in-game chat feature, the ability to trade items and team up with friends to take on common enemies online. The game will also offer 50 single player missions.

Toy Rush will be compatible with iPhone 4+ and iPad 2+, and will launch for free early next year. Check back soon for more on the game, or to track Uber Entertainment on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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