Toyota Video Has Created 892K Meals for Sandy Victims in the Last Week

Cause marketing effort surges

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Superstorm Sandy, the near-hurricane that battered the East Coast in late fall 2012, hasn't been on the front pages for months. Toyota gets credit for trying to fix that, as the auto giant is providing one meal to people still recovering from Sandy for every time someone views its "Meals Per Hour" YouTube video. 

In a program launched seven days ago, the carmaker plans to foot the bill for 1 million meals for video views through July 19. At press time, it had already garnered 892,000 views/meals, in an effort assisted by digital shop 360i. So with more than three weeks left, there are only 108,000 more views/meals to go.

The cause campaign's six-minute documentary-styled video was produced by Supermarché directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, whose Hollywood movie credits include Catfish and the last two Paranormal Activity installments.

Marjorie Schussel, Toyota's corporate marketing director, said that while the week-old effort was initially supported by paid media, the overwhelming response has the brand re-routing budget towards perhaps better use.

"Once the documentary launched and we saw the amount of organic pick-up, we re-allocated our paid media dollars to fund additional donations to [meals nonprofit] Food Bank," Schussel explained. "Today, there is only a small amount of paid search on targeted terms allocated to support Meals Per Hour."

Below are data points from Toyota's effort exclusively given to Adweek:

  • 214 million media impressions
  • viewed for more than 2.2 million minutes
  • 41 percent average completion rate
  • 17,000 YouTube likes
  • 1,800 social shares
  • 1,000-plus Twitter favorites

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