Financial Site Debuts, which has been quietly operating since April 2008 and launched previous iteration RakedIn earlier this year, launched its one-stop financial site Wednesday.

The site offers a single destination for financial news, company profiles, executive profiles, financial statements, compensation data, insider-trading wrap-ups, institutional investments and stock quotes, including the day’s best and worst performers. also offers a social-media element, MyTracker, which allows users to create watch lists of people, companies and industries to customize their news feeds. The ability to share the information via other social-networking platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, will be added shortly.

From the About Us page: is the only site in the world where business information, communications and connections come together to enhance your business life. We are actively organizing and analyzing as much information as possible about the companies, industries and executives you care about and enabling you to share it with your colleagues.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to track the news and activity of any person or company in business, and then share it with your network of contacts.

Financial information can be difficult to find, hard to understand and expensive to acquire. We believe that everyone should have access to the latest business information, regardless of your budget or expertise. Furthermore, your ability to share that information with the people who need is it paramount to your success. investor Union Square Ventures wrote on its Website:

A year ago, Mike Yavonditte, a Web veteran based in New York who had worked at Ziff-Davis, Juno, Alta Vista and IAC and who had most recently gone wire-to-wire as the CEO of Quigo, began assembling a team to build a new kind of financial-information service. We were impressed by how many of the people he had worked with at Quigo were either investors in the company or employees. That wasn’t the case with one of his key hires, Bert Solivan from Fox News, but he came on board after working with Mike as one of Quigo’s largest customers.

Mike also brought a fresh perspective to financial-information services; one that we believe could be the foundation for a fundamentally different user experience. has all of the usual data sources and features that you would expect from a financial-information service, but they have acquired a number of sources that no one else is currently presenting, sources that allow them to provide unique insights into private as well as public companies. They deliver that rich data set through an interface that can be highly customized and adapts to the users behavior on the site. This idea, which Mike brought with him from the ad-optimization world, was one of the things we found most intriguing about’s product vision.

Perhaps the most innovative thing has done is to introduce a social-media layer to a financial services site. is more than just an information service. The service is designed to allow you to share insights within the service, publicly or within a private group and will soon allow you to link out to all of the popular social-media sites and embed charts and other content.

On the social-media aspect of the site, Fred Wilson wrote on his A VC blog: is social. Users have a profile in the service and can send messages to each other in the service (and via Twitter and Facebook very shortly). Objects in the service (news, quotes, charts, public filings, companies, people) can be sent around like links in Twitter and Facebook. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.