Tragedy Strikes Cannes as Google Exec Dies in an Accident

Details are currently few, though

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An accident took the life of a Google executive at the Cannes Lions festival this week, though the individual's name hasn't been released and other details about the incident are few.

According to reports, the person worked in Google's marketing department out of one of the digital giant's offices in the U.K. The Guardian is reporting that the death was caused by a traffic accident. 

"We lost a loved and respected member of our team," a Google spokeswoman said today in a brief statement. "We are deeply saddened, and our thoughts are with his family and friends."

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company is not releasing any further specifics about the tragedy out of respect for the victim's family members, who, according to the Guardian, have traveled to Cannes.

Like all major tech firms, Google is in Cannes, France, this week to attend the advertising festival that takes place early each summer. 

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