Travelocity Wins ‘First To Platform’ PR For Chatroulette

Back in the mid-90’s, a popular headline was “company launches Web site.” More recently it’s shifted to “company launches Facebook page,” or Twitter page. Or even better, “company announces news via Twitter.”

Of course, companies and their marketing teams are always looking for new platforms on which they can be “first” to market. Case in point, Travelocity’s “gnome” is now roaming the risque video chat site Chatroulette. For those not familiar with the site, it basically matches one up with random people to video chat with.

The kind folks at Mashable asked the company if they were measuring their efforts on the new service. Of course they’re not, it’s a stunt.

Company spokesperson Joel Frey told Mashable:

We’re still experimenting so we haven’t applied any measurements just yet. Once we figure out how we’ll move forward we will think about other applications like deals and offers.

What we’re sure they are measuring is all of the media hits and social media buzz the move is attracting.

Travelocity technically isn’t the first brand on Chatroulette, but they are the most well-known brand. Clothing retailer French Connection has been offering a promotion on the site since early March.

Vollmer is PR agency of record for Travelocity.

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