Treasure Isle, Family Feud and Mall World Appear On This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Games By DAU

Treasure Isle and FarmVille, respectively the newest and most popular of Zynga’s games, top this week’s list of fastest-gaining Facebook games by daily active users. But right off, you can disregard FarmVille; its DAU has actually decreased slightly this month, along with CafĂ© World and Mafia Wars, both of which also appear below.

On the other hand, Treasure Isle’s gains are very real. And as the game prepares to break into Zynga’s top five hits, it’s finally pulling in enough traffic to push Zynga back into positive growth territory for the first time in a few months. If you haven’t checked the game out yet, check out our review from its launch in early April.

Here’s the full AppData list of 20 gainers:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Treasure Isle 7,166,630 +2,783,169 +63.49
2. FarmVille 29,344,187 +2,145,163 +7.89
3. Family Feud 728,799 +314,140 +75.76
4. Social City 2,928,313 +299,292 +11.38
5. Café World 7,941,782 +294,876 +3.86
6. Hotel City 2,932,326 +293,829 +11.14
7. Country Life 3,013,934 +279,287 +10.21
8. Bejeweled Blitz 2,791,894 +243,716 +9.56
9. Garden Life 267,432 +178,260 +199.91
10. Mall World 297,763 +166,291 +126.48
11. Tiki Resort 1,088,916 +148,844 +15.83
12. Mafia Wars 6,069,199 +111,689 +1.87
13. Farm Town 2,139,586 +109,232 +5.38
14. Kingdoms of Camelot 385,819 +78,685 +25.62
15. Bola 292,658 +76,324 +35.28
16. Name Analyzer 66,966 +60,988 +1,020.21
17. Sorority Life 790,085 +49,430 +6.67
18. Bubble Island 1,015,839 +40,706 +4.17
19. FARKLE 615,054 +39,254 +6.82
20. GooBox – Jeux Gratuits 377,821 +38,422 +11.32

Family Feud shows no signs of slackening growth. After it is Social City, the newish Playdom city building game that’s now that developer’s most popular on Facebook. Social City plateaued a few weeks back, but is showing signs of life again, with a few hundred thousand new monthly active users this week (new MAU often temporarily push up the DAU stats).

Hotel City, by Playfish, is still growing quickly, but the rate has slowed enough that its DAU as a percentage of MAU is dropping toward the standard 20 percent range most games have.

Many of the remaining games on the list haven’t made real gains, so skip down a few places to Garden Life and Mall World. Both are newer games by independent developers that are doing quite well; we review Mall World, an interesting girl-centric shopping game, here.

Finally, take note of Kingdoms of Camelot. This medieval take on Mafia Wars has done fairly well since its launch last November. But its growth is really picking up lately, possibly because Watercooler, the developer, has been running ads for the game on Facebook.