Treasure Isle Remains Far Ahead of the Pack On This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Games by MAU

Another week has gone by, and Treasure Isle’s fantastic growth has hardly slowed at all. The new Zynga game easily maintains its lead on our weekly list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users with 6.9 million new MAU; last week it had claimed about 7.5 million new players.

As we point out this morning over at Inside Facebook, Treasure Isle is poised to break into the top 10 games overall on Facebook (the full AppData list is here) over the course of this week, where it would join six other Zynga games and push out RockYou’s Zoo World. That outcome is by no means assured, but Zynga, of course, is in a dominant position and flush with cash for a continued advertising blitz.

That big company advantage can be seen not only in Treasure Isle’s growth, but also in the number two position on our AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Treasure Isle 14,409,959 +6,862,487 +90.92
2. Hotel City 8,663,088 +3,990,894 +85.42
3. Family Feud 1,929,908 +968,616 +100.76
4. Zoo Paradise 3,852,816 +711,269 +22.64
5. Mall World 881,206 +676,705 +330.91
6. Tiki Resort 5,221,827 +523,154 +11.13
7. Bubble Island 5,724,107 +511,541 +9.81
8. Fish Friends 727,350 +407,082 +127.11
9. Kingdoms of Camelot 1,725,862 +207,800 +13.69
10. ¡Teclas Machucadas! 193,927 +179,445 +1,239.09
11. Car Madness 623,972 +154,960 +33.04
12. Songs 2,210,000 +128,729 +6.19
13. Evony 275,494 +126,703 +85.16
14. Bola 1,334,756 +116,629 +9.57
15. Hızlı Yaz 305,828 +113,126 +58.71
16. WPT Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 148,527 +106,304 +251.77
17. RockFREE 392,341 +88,758 +29.24
18. 武俠風雲 323,861 +87,471 +37.00
19. Happy Hotel 1,053,342 +84,537 +8.73
20. World at War 1,164,366 +80,353 +7.41

Hotel City, of course, is by Playfish, which is backed up by Electronic Arts. The hotel management game is proving to be no slouch; over a month into its run on Facebook, the game’s growth is actually speeding up. It’s now EA’s third-largest game.

Coming in at number three with a million new MAU — much less than Zynga or EA’s new games, but still very respectable — is Family Feud, which has the advantage of nostalgia on its side. The game show-inspired app is co-listed under iWin, Inc. and Backstage, and is by far the greatest Facebook success to date for either company.

Zoo Paradise, the CrowdStar challenger to Zoo World (which is actually losing some of its 18 million MAU), is still growing nicely, and even retains more of its MAU as daily active users than does its larger competitor.

It’s followed by Mall World, an incredibly girly game that we reviewed last week. But so far, girly seems to be working — which makes sense, given that we already knew that many women enjoy shopping for clothes online. Putting that paradigm in a social game only moves the virtual element one step further out, with the added benefit of the player knowing that whatever they buy, will most certainly fit.

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