Trend: Companies Breaking News on Their Own Websites

As “all companies become media companies” we’re witnessing more and more of them break news on their own sites and blogs. One of the bonuses is that the company controls the message and media that cover the news often link back to the original source. An example from today is LinkedIn announcing 50 million users on their blog. Google also routinely does this.

Ok, so those are large, popular companies, one may say. It won’t work for smaller firms. Good point. Although it has worked for smaller firms, such as social agency Attention, who routinely breaks news on their blog.

But, isn’t it the job of the internal PR pro or agency to “get placements” one may ask? Yes, but “getting placements” is publicity, which is only one part of PR, and secondly, there is much media relations work to be done after the initial news, whether it breaks on your company’s blog or The Wall Street Journal.

Have you had success breaking news on your own site? Let us know.