Trevor Noah’s Pasadena Pal

David Paul Meyer has been along for the entire ride.

About halfway through this week’s EW interview, TV critic Melissa Maerz asks incoming The Daily Show host Trevor Noah which group he related to most growing up in South Africa – whites or blacks. His answer:

”I grew up in a black neighborhood. Black is the only experience I know intrinsically. But I can associate with white, because my dad is white. I’ve got friends who had no contact with white people whatsoever, so for them, white is the most foreign concept in the world. When I first moved out here to the United States, my only friend was a white Jewish guy from Pasadena. We’re still friends to this day. He directed my DVD specials both in South Africa and the U.S.”

That white Jewish guy from Pasadena is David Paul Meyer. Initially, he was going to make You Laugh But It’s True into his USC School of Cinema thesis. Instead, it turned into the first of many collaborations with Noah. The other specials he has directed with Noah are Crazy Normal (2011), That’s Racist (2012), It’s My Culture (2013) and Nationwild Comedy Tour (2015).

Meyer is now a field producer with The Daily Show and relocated to New York. It will be interesting to see what he and Noah come up with next.

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