Tribal Fusion Trials Video in Display Ad Space

The online ad network Tribal Fusion has begun testing out a new technology platform, Firefly Video, which promises to distribute video ads within any display ad placement—and those ads expand to cover an entire Web page once a user interacts with them.

Tribal has begun rolling out campaigns using Firefly Video tech for brands such as Hyundai, Dannon, Procter & Gamble’s Tampax, Nissan and Häagen Dazs. In once case, a campaign implemented by Starcom US generated more than 60,000 prospects in just a few weeks, according to officials .

To date, Tribal has tested over 25 video advertising campaigns using the Firefly platform across its network, which reaches 120 million unique users in the U.S.

Firefly has been established as a standalone division of Exponential Interactive, which also owns Tribal. According to executives from the new division, the idea behind Firefly is to merge the all-consuming sight, sound and motion experience provided by TV ads with the targeting and interactivity inherent to pre-roll video units.

However, unlike traditional pre-roll ads, which typically run prior to video units within specific players, Firefly’s platform is designed to create video ad inventory on virtually any Web page that features banner ads—without requiring any player installation.
“Advertisers can now combine the emotionally engaging power of TV with state-of-the-art targeting,” said Firefly Video president Donnovan Andrews.