Tribe Launches Private Social Video Network on iOS, Android

The Tribe app allows users to share private videos with their closest contacts.

Tribe has released its self-titled video app on iOS devices, allowing users to share short silent videos with their closest friends, or tribe members, and keep those videos private from unwanted viewers, including parents, coworkers or the general public.

With Tribe, users can share content with up to 10 of their closest friends or family members, with content coming in the form of five-second looped videos, which serve a brief status updates about each user’s daily life.

When adding members to a Tribe, user requests last for 24 hours. If the contact fails to respond in time, users can send another request or move on to another contact.

As users watch videos, they can tap on the screen to share “love” with their friends, in a similar fashion to sharing hearts on the live-streaming app Periscope. Friends can also “whistle” at their friends via the app, encouraging them to upload a new video. These whistles, or nudges, can only be sent once an hour.

When posting new videos, these overwrite those that were previously shared, unless the user has decided to also share their content on other social networks.

In a statement, Dana Adam, CEO of Tribe, commented on the app:

Today everything has a carbon copy. As a mother of two, I fear the future of my kids’ privacy. What used to be spontaneous, perhaps wild but harmless moments of kids’ youth are now permanent records on many social media apps, records that are potentially accessible by an unwanted audience. Tribe is for sharing these moments. A Tribe video is one that you will most likely never post to other social media and is only meant for friends that won’t judge you or betray your trust. These videos are personal or are simply insignificant to your larger circles, like being sloppy (and loving it) while eating popcorn and watching a movie. Within their Tribe, users can finally be themselves.

Tribe is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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