@TroncOfficial Asks, Twitter Answers

The name that sounds to many like a parody spawns a Twitter parody account.

If Lin-Manuel Miranda announced plans for a Broadway musical about artificial intelligence and robots titled Tronc, would people get excited? Maybe. But when a Twitter account purporting to be connected to Tribune Publishing asked the following question Monday, the answer quantitatively was a collective shrug and, qualitatively, a near unanimous, ‘Uh… still no.’


Twitter user @the_damn_muTeki, who has temporarily renamed themselves DJ TRONC LEGACYC, thinks this is the best response to tronc’s question:


Fellow tweeter @MisterJayEm, riffing on the theme of a legacy media company trying to re-brand and the general idea that tronc could be the name of an animated dinosaur character, posits it from a different end:


Mike Ketchen writes that he never thought another company could top a former employer’s decision to re-brand as Mentergy. A Midwestern newspaper editor, Katharine Vogel, finds the official tronc logo reminiscent of what used to pop up on TV screens at the end of 1980s children’s shows. And Ad Age’s Jeremy Barr cautions that @troncofficial is not an official Tribune Publishing social media presence. Barr is right; we checked.

In terms of constructive criticism, @millerproducts has one of the best thoughts so far. They think that instead of tronc, Inc., Tribune Publishing should have gone with Chi-T. That way, just as with Chai tea, the logo could have been “random patterns of tea leaves.”

Elsewhere on the Internet, there is already this early candidate posted to the Urban Dictionary. What do you think, @troncofficial?


@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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