Trick or Treat: DC Journos Talk Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, I like to do it right or not at all (see Bjork of 2006). But this year, I’m stumped. With the haunted holiday only days away, I reached out to some Washington journos for ideas and inspiration.

So, what are your fav. journos wearing this Halloween? Here’s what they told us:

Fox News’ Major Garrett: “I must negotiate this with my children who have veto power over costume choices that may cast them in a negative light as I accompany them…I’m still getting flak for going as Gilligan three years ago.”

TPM & The Atlantic’s Matt Cooper: “No plans at the moment. Last year I was a chef. I’ll work on it.”

Cap File EIC Sarah Schaffer: “I’m going to a party with my husband so we decided to do costumes that would work well as a pair. He’s very tall and lanky so he’s going as Cher. I’ll be Sonny.”

WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart: “I lack imagination so if I go as anything it will be as James Bond. That way all I have to wear is my tuxedo.”

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: “Elliott and Harper [daughters] are pushing for me to be a pizza deliveryman!”

US News‘ Paul Bedard: “All day in Real Tree camo, face painted, armed with a fully-loaded muzzleloader. And not just to scare little kids. It’s opening day of the Virginia black powder deer season. Be scared, very scared of the woods that night.”

Cap File‘s Christie Findlay: “The Devil…and yes, I’ll be wearing Prada.”

Washington Business Journal Editor Doug Fruehling: “I’ll be going as the money I could have saved with Geico.”

Politico‘s Jonathan Martin: “Whatever VandeHarris tell me to be.”

Examiner‘s Julie Mason: “I am dressing as Medusa, which feels redundant — but I like the snakies!!”

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