Tried Sample Chapter to Test iPad iBooks App – Prefer Reading Using Kindle for iPad

I’m not happy with what I consider to be ebooks priced much too high in Apple’s iBooks store (see below).

Why is an EBook in Apple’s iBooks Store Double the Price of the Paper Edition?

However, I am curious about the experience of reading an ebook using the iBooks app instead of the Kindle app (which I found to be a good experience after reading a couple of chapters using it). My compromise action was to download a sample chapter of Was Superman a Spy?.

The sample is 25 pages long. However, the actual book contents do not start until page 12. The books looks pretty interesting based on the first 13 actual pages of content and I’ll probably buy the entire book. However, I’ll probably buy the Kindle edition of the ebook since I prefer the “feel” of the Kindle iPad app to iBooks. iBooks’ page turning seems slower. And, the simulated page turn effect is somewhat annoying.

It was a little disappointing that the scanned images on pages are in black and white instead of full color scans. But, I’m guessing that the hard copy book also suffers from this relatively minor issue (the main point is the author’s historical fact finding).

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