TripIt Updates Android App And Shares Information About Smartphone Travelers

At the beginning of the summer I wrote an article on five Android apps that I find most useful for travelers. Top on my list is TripIt, which retrieves and stores travel itineraries. A new Android version of TripIt has been released with user interface updates so that more information displays on the screen.

What I really like about TripIt is that you can configure it to automatically monitor your e-mail for travel information. For example, when you receive an e-mail confirmation for a plane reservation TripIt recognizes that e-mail and automatically extracts the flight details for display in the app. TripIt’s monitoring saves on data entry and does an excellent job of combining back-end services to provide a great mobile experience.

In addition to the user interface updates made to the free, ad-supported version of TripIt, you can now buy an ad-free version of the app for $3.99. I don’t mind the ads in this app, so I don’t personally have a reason to buy the paid version. A paid version of the TripIt service, called TripIt Pro, is also available for a $49 annual subscription. The Pro version provides notifications about flight changes, the ability to quickly find alternate flights, and the ability to track all of your travel reward points from airlines and hotels.

The blog post announcing the new Android version of TripIt also includes some interesting statistics about TripIt users. It appears Android users are younger than iPhone and Blackberry users, so not surprisingly, Android users travel less frequently for business than iPhone and Blackberry users. However, Android users also take a lower number of leisure trips than iPhone users.

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