Trivia Crack social trivia game picks up speed on Facebook


Etermax’s Trivia Crack continues to pick up speed on Facebook, as the social trivia game is the No. 45 top app on all of Facebook with over 7.2 million monthly active users (MAU). According to our app tracking service AppData, the game had just 1.6 million MAU on April 6, 2014.

In Trivia Crack, players challenge others from around the world. At the beginning of each round, players spin a wheel to determine the question category, across options like science and entertainment (among others). The game offers timed multiple choice questions, and players can rate each as either “boring” or “fun” after they’ve been answered.

The wheel also contains a special crown symbol, which allows players to pick their desired category for the next question. If these special questions are answered correctly, players win the avatar associated with that genre. For instance, the science category is represented by a test tube, and players would win said test tube for their profile during that specific game.

A lives system limits the amount of games players can have active at once, but players can purchase additional lives with real money. During games, players can also use boosts to “re-spin” for a different category, bombs to eliminate wrong answers, time clocks to add time to a particular question and more. These are offered in small quantities for free, and are also available as in-app purchases.

Trivia Crack supports five languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian) and is available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the app’s continued progress on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.

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