Ken Doctor Admits ‘Soon’ Would Have Been a Better Tronc-Gannett Descriptor

Politico Media's resident Tronc expert has an update on the status of negotiations with Gannett.

We were actively wondering this week about the status of the ongoing Tronc-Gannett negotiations, in the wake of Ken Doctor’s Politico Media report that the acquisition deal could be announced as early as Monday Oct. 3. Late Friday afternoon, Doctor provided us with the answer:

Given the always-to-be-expected unexpected delays in getting a deal done, “soon” would have been a better choice of words [than “imminent”]. “Soon” is still the best word, but now, we can attach a few specific considerations to the timing.

Next week appears to mark a witching hour, in which a trio of portentous elements and significant dates converges to create a massive and transformative shift in the fortunes of the daily news business.

Doctor is now more cautiously suggesting that Oct. 27 could be the day we finally get a yea or nay from the Gannett end. As usual, he has some great inside-track details.

In his notes about the final of those three portentous elements, Doctor underlines the irony of a Tronc-Gannett deal being held up by “paper” (paperwork). Doctor also mentions another “soon” scenario, one that has always made wishful sense to FishbowlNY: the possibility of Tronc investor Patrick Soon-Shiong negotiating as part of all this a purchase of the Los Angeles Times.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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