Trouble in TBD Paradise?

The rose has fallen off the bloom. And TBD‘s intrepid fiction writer Ryan Kearney is actively on the hunt for a new job, FishbowlDC has learned. Maybe he can use mediabistro as a resource — he wouldn’t be the first TBDer to approach us for employment assistance.

No one can fault Kearney for wanting to jump ship. With pretty much everyone in his midst dropping like violinists on the Titanic in recent months, it isn’t terribly surprising that Kearney is also looking to get out of there. In the meantime, we’re sure Robert Allbritton is hanging on the site’s every word. After all, TBD writes about such urgent matters as cupcake trends and FishbowlDC party invitations they didn’t receive. That was Ryan’s latest investigative masterpiece. But we’re sure Kearney would be an ass-et to any newsroom. Good luck Ryan!

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