True/Slant Blogger Takes a Swipe at Forbes

Not every True/Slant writer is primping and preening for the brass at Forbes following the magazine’s acquisition of the bloggy news website. In a post titled “Hail Our Capitalist Tool Overlords,” celebrity blogger Lorraine Murphy — a self-avowed “stone cold pinko” — wonders aloud if she should be finding Forbes-appropriate businesswear or simply sending out her resume. She also points her readers to a blog post that discusses the gay lifestyle of late Forbes publisher Malcolm Forbes (don’t know what that’s supposed to mean exactly), and calls his son and current Forbes CEO, Steve, an “owly, awkward, failed presidential candidate.” Not overly cordial!

Although the specific aim of Murphy’s post isn’t entirely clear (she jokes about marrying Vanity Fair writer Michael Lewis as a perk of working at Forbes), it does raise point up the question: What the heck is Forbes going to do with all these freewheeling, high-spirited bloggers, not to mention the card-carrying communist ones?

One answer, courtesy All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka, is “who knows”:

Forbes COO Tim Forbes, whose company owned a 20 percent stake in True/Slant, tells me the publisher will use True/Slant in some way. But what he’s really buying here is [True/Slant founder Lewis] Dvorkin, who had previously worked for the magazine in the late 1990s before heading to AOL (AOL).

Here’s what Dvorkin himself said about the deal:

The small True/Slant team, with more than 100 years of Web, publishing and TV experience, will now be working side-by-side with talented and dedicated journalists at Forbes Media. The goal: to work together to further develop a mindset around the power of the Web and traditional news values.

Although it’s somewhat of a journalistic ideal to spit in management’s eye, we’re not sure Dvorkin would consider it a “traditional news value.” We’ll see what befalls True/Slant’s plainspoken bloggers as they try to fold themselves into Forbes‘ businessy publishing model.

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