Trulia App Hits Google Glass

Do you ever walk around a neighborhood and wonder how much it would cost to live there? Online real estate app company Trulia and has introduced a new Google Glass app that lets you do just that, without having to dig into  your bag and find your phone.

Instead the real estate listing appears right in the corner of your glasses and you can find out just how many bathrooms and bedrooms are in that house, along with how much the sellers are asking for. You can use it to find listings based on your location. Here is more from the Trulia blog:

What makes the technology incredibly powerful is that it allows users to either continue what they are doing or engage with new information being provided to them. For example, Glass notifies me when I receive a message, but nothing appears or impedes my vision. The idea is to provide just enough fresh information that is personalized for me and relevant to my location. It’s a very different experience than having your head buried in your phone while the world passes by.

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