Trump May Announce His Presidential Run During The Season Finale of ‘The Apprentice’

We continue to find Donald Trump repellent, yet he manages to keep our attention with his nonsense.

The latest from his absurd campaign to tell us whether he’ll be campaigning for President: He may make an announcement during the season finale of The Celebrity Apprentice on May 15. So he’s set up a win-win here for ratings (in theory) — people will watch to find out who wins the show and/or they’ll tune in to see if this joke on our electoral system will come to an end sooner rather than later. And if he doesn’t make the announcement, he’s set himself up for more media attention; Yahoo News says he might have a press conference instead.

Even more ridiculous than this situation (and his hair, and his recent statements about President Obama and “the blacks”) is the fact that polls show him leading the Republican pack.

A PPP poll shows him leading Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Sarah Palin. Talking Points Memo says his name recognition and the lack of enthusiasm for the well-known possibilities is to blame for this farce. A separate CNN/Opinion Research poll also finds him in the lead along with Huckabee.

We are only in the early stages, but this could pose a problem for the actual candidates among the Republican party.

“[T]he current situation does make it harder for legitimate candidates to present themselves as viable alternatives to Obama–someone whom party members can imagine in the White House–when they are surrounded by less-than-serious people who are looking to make a spectacle of the process,” writes The Atlantic.