Trump Trump App on iOS Deports Donald Trump From Your Phone

The content blocker for iOS blocks websites, links and photos relating to the 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

While it might be easy enough to scroll past news articles containing unwanted or uninteresting topics, a new app from furtiv co-founder, Julio Castillo, will make avoiding at least one topic, 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a bit easier.

Castillo’s latest product, Trump Trump, works with Safari on iOS to block any links, websites and photos containing the word Trump as users browse the Web.

Once enabled, links and photos relating to the Trump keyword disappear, though the app’s description does admit it ‘cannot block 100 percent of the Trump content on 100 percent of the websites.’ In addition, the app ‘may also affect the display of some Web content that may mistakenly identify as Trump-related.’

Trump Trump

While Trump Trump will work in ‘certain apps’ which use the Safari Webkit for Web browsing, it does not function in apps like Facebook or Twitter. However, the blocker will work when using Facebook or Twitter in the Safari Web browser. Finally, if users navigate to a website URL containing the Trump keyword, they’ll see a blank page.

On Product Hunt, Castillo commented on Trump Trump:

After I made a Kardashian blocker for iOS, I was flooded with requests for a Trump blocker. I don’t know if we are heading towards a future where we’ll be able to block everything that we don’t like, but here’s my small contribution to dystopia.

Trump Trump is available to download for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store.