TRUMPED: ‘Muslim Women Like Burqas So They Can Avoid Makeup’

Trump puts his foot in his mouth, yet again.

Donald Trump continues to run his mouth and without a PR net on live TV — this time, he made Muslim women not so fond of him because of his unmistakable fashion sense and acute bigotry.

In his diplomatic opinion, Trump suggested Muslim women wear a burqa because “they want to.” Well, so far, so good. Do tell:

He added that it’s easier for women when they do wear burkas, saying, “You don’t have to put on make-up. . . . Wouldn’t that be easier?”

“I tell ya, if I was a woman,” he said, waving his hand over his face to signal a burka. “I’m ready darling, let’s go.”

What Muslims everywhere in this country are saying (other than a few choice expletives) is that Trump needs to seek his local guide to Muslim women headwear. This courtesy of ITN Productions (UK):


From a headscarf (hijab) to a face veil (niqab) to a burqa (the full thing in the center), this has nothing to do with makeup. And since no one in Trump’s communications team is educating the (slipping) GOP candidate, here’s why in a halal nutshell — The Qu’ran explicitly tells women and men to “cover and be modest.”

While many Muslim scholars and other theologians share that is this religious observation is only required by the more conservative factions within the Muslim world. For some women, it’s an act of ecumenical allegiance. For others, it is devotion for Allah and family. And some young women even do it for feminist reasons.

Regardless, Captain Combover should consult some religious sensitivity classes if he thinks he has a snowball’s chance in Jahannam to get the GOP nod. (That’s a Muslim thing. He wouldn’t understand.)

[PHOTO: AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin;STORY: Boston Globe]

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