TUAW Wants Your iBooks Recommendations; We Want to Know What Else You’re Reading

Now that we’ve all got our iPads and downloaded iBooks, it’s time to start building our libraries. As TUAW points out, however, the selection in iBooks is still rather limited and pricey, but Apple did do a decent job stocking the store with free books from sources like Project Gutenberg. TUAW wants to know what free eBooks readers are downloading from iBooks. If you’ve got some recommendations, click the link above and chime in. They’ve even listed a few of their favs to get your library started.

Here at eBookNewser, however, still maintain that other apps, like Kindle and Kobo, may ultimately end up being the way to read on iPad. So, before or after you’ve check out TUAW, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below about what other apps you’re using to read and what you’re reading on them.

Concerning the image above, don’t forget that those used to be called iBooks too.

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