NYT Details Outbreak of SoCal Tuba Thefts

There’s a very strange crime spree unfolding across LA, with high school music teachers blaming it on the rising popularity of a traditional form of Mexican music known as banda. According to the New York Times article by Ian Lovett, a theft in Bell is just the latest of many:

In the last few months, dozens of brass sousaphones–smaller tubas used in marching bands–were taken from schools in Southern California.

These mini-tubas can set parents back anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000. To frame the rise of the banda craze, Lovett talked to KCRW DJ Raoul Campos.

The school break-ins, which were originally confined to an area of town with a high density of Latino residents, have now spread to places like Manhattan Beach and Anaheim. If the New York Post had written this up instead of the Times, it’s likely the headline would have been “Banda Thieves.”

Also, for those keeping score, LA Times reporter Sam Quinones handily beat the Grey Lady to this story earlier in the week.

[Photo: Jose Gil/Shutterstock.com]

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