TubeMogul Is Down With GRPs

Video ad buying firm rolls out planning tool BrandPoint

Advertisers want TV-like ad buying for Web video. Publishers want TV money. Which is why retrofitted metrics like Nielsen’s Online Campaign ratings have taken off big time, despite imperfections.

The problem, according to some industry executives, is that OCR and the comScore equivalent VCE (validated campaign essentials) are great for evaluating how Web video campaigns deliver. But not so great for planning. That’s a problem, since that’s how budgets get divvied up.

Thus, there’s a need for a TV-esque planning tool that helps agencies, particularly TV buyers, plot Web video campaigns in a language they and their clients understand. That’s TubeMogul’s thinking with BrandPoint, which the company claims can help agencies plan Web video campaigns, projecting everything from GRPs to demographic ratings to anticipated CPMs.


The push to sell using OCR or VCE, "is kinda wreaking havoc right now," said TubeMogul CEO Brett Wilson. "Publishers are having to over deliver 30 to 40 percent of impressions, and it’s a big planning and buying problem. Publishers are getting screwed. And they only have data after the fact. With this tool, you can really precisely control what you buy."

TubeMogul’s not the first company to attempt to create a universal buying dashboard for Web video (see Tremor’s Video Hub). But Wilson demonstrated BrandPoint to Adweek, and it does look like tools employed by TV agencies. Buyers can tinker with various buying scenarios and audience demographics and quickly see how those tweaks impact projected cost and reach.

TubeMogul partnered with several agencies to help develop BrandPoint before it was ready to launch. “Instead of jerry-rigging it, they came to us and said, ‘how do you plan? How do you look at GRPs?’ said Rob Bochicchio, evp, chief media investment officer for ID Media. “It’s very compatible to the way we buy.

“You gotta know what you’re doing to use this thing. But you can go from planning to buying to optimizing, start to finish. I haven't seen anyone else put it together like this.”

Sounds great for agencies. But how does this help publishers, who are still flying blind when it comes to selling video with OCR guarantees? Wilson said that TubeMogul is so confident that BrandPoint will work, it will offer publishers guarantees, meaning that if some sites’ fall short on delivery, TubeMogul will cover the cost.

The company sees that factor as being key to the product’s success, and something that will encourage bigger video players to use BrandPoint in direct buys. “We think this should elevate pricing for premium sites.”

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