Tumblr for Android Honeycomb Tablets Arriving Soon

Tumblr, the high flying free micro-blogging service, recently issued a minor update to their Android app. While the bug fixes are important to people experiencing problems with the app, the bigger news is at the end of the blog items announcing the release that provides a near future road map for the app.

Tumblr Android 2.0.2

Here’s what Tumblr says is in the works for a future release of Tumblr for Android:

– Dashboard landscape viewing mode. The Dashboard is the main view for the app.

– The ability to move the app to an SD card. This is an important change since Tumblr, like many other apps, currently must be installed in system memory. Apps installed in system memory reduces the total number of apps that can be installed on an Android device.

– Faster app load speed.

– Honeycom (OS 3.x) compatibility. This means that Android Honeycomb tablets will finally be able to see an optimized version of the app. For some reason, several popular social network related apps are not optimized for tablet use: Tumblr, Facebook and Google+ come to mind.

You can find Tumblr at:


And, you can find Tumblr’s Android app in the Android Market at:


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