Tumblr Hires Writers to Report on Tumblr, Tumblr Users, Other Items No One Cares About

Tumblr, the blogging site, has hired two writers to cover the site and its users. The New York Times reports that Chris Mohney, a Senior Vice President for Content at BlackBook Media, has been named Editor-in-Chief and Jessica Bennett, a Senior Writer and Editor at Newsweek/The Daily Beast, is Executive Editor.

Mohney and Bennett’s articles will appear on Tumblr’s homepage, with the hope that it will keep users lingering, thus making the site more attractive to advertisers. The two will be tasked with writing about the dynamics of Tumblr and the people behind the blogs. “I’m trying to figure out how we cover the ideas, themes and people who live in it,” Bennett told the Times.

Oh! Well, that just sounds… Terrible.

Sure, there are a few Tumblr’s out there that should be covered, but the majority of them are crap [Editor’s note: My Tumblr is Pulitzer worthy]. The creation of F*ckYeahYellow — a blog about things that are yellow! — isn’t riveting. Neither are a million other Tumblrs, whether they’re full of sad poems, sad pictures about sad poems, or even just picture of every damn thing a person has eaten that day.

But maybe people will care. Maybe they’ll stick around on the site because they’d rather read about Tumblrs and their creators than things that matter. If LMFAO can have a thriving career, anything can happen.

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