Turkish Videos, Music, iPad, Connect and Affection on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Turkish video applications made a big appearance on our weekly look at the top 20 growing Facebook applications by daily active users. Four of these apps, along with another Turkish app for sharing virtual hearts to friends’ Walls, were on our list this week. A few apps that friends use to express affection, as well as iPad apps, music apps, Connect apps were on the list, joined by a quiz application.

Our list is compiled using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and covers those that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Sanal Video 1,311,528 +1,251,809 +2,096%
2. Send Gift 365,957 +354,353 +3,054%
3. BandPage by RootMusic 1,309,519 +338,453 +35%
4. flipboard 545,900 +257,845 +90%
5. Yahoo! 7,377,056 +213,601 +3%
6. School of Wizardry 225,071 +187,549 +500%
7. Video Magic 186,975 +184,135 +6,484%
8. 開心水族箱 1,419,534 +179,823 +15%
9. @Hugs 515,871 +155,425 +43%
10. Zombie Lane 697,117 +155,275 +29%
11. MyPad for iPad 237,620 +153,490 +182%
12. แฮปปี้เกาะ 195,382 +148,068 +313%
13. Windows Live Messenger 15,385,974 +133,647 +0.88%
14. Gardens of Time 894,470 +131,975 +17%
15. Süper Video ! 142,630 +129,475 +984%
16. Bubble Saga 479,737 +122,391 +34%
17. @Smiles 468,834 +119,652 +34%
18. VidyoTV Video 141,134 +102,269 +263%
19. @Hearts 406,232 +100,483 +33%
20. Quiz Taco! 598,853 +96,614 +19%

Sanal Video, a popular Turkish video application, was first on our list. The app added 1.2 million DAU — although it has had an odd number of drastic rises and falls lately, and it has reached this level of traffic before. Video Magic added 184,100 DAU, Süper Video ! grew by 129,500 and VidyoTV Video grew by 102,300 DAU. Overall, the apps do all the same things: allowing users to view, Like and share videos to the stream. The exception is VidyoTV Video, which posts a link to your Wall every time you watch a video.

Then there were the aforementioned “affection” apps. Another Turkish app, Send Gift, allows users to send heart-shaped virtual goods to friends’ Walls; the app grew by 354,400 DAU.

A triage of sister apps were on the list, too:  @Hugs with 155,400 DAU, @Smiles with 119,700 DAU and @Hearts with 100,500. The apps all work in a similar fashion; upon using the app a pop-up asks the user if they want to receive weekly email updates with the latest virtual goods (hugs/smiles/hearts). Then a user can select a virtual good, select which friend(s) to send it to, then the app asks you if you want to publish a feed story, and once this is done, the app asks you if you want to send more hugs/smiles/hearts because there is “no limit.” Thus, the app has at least three different ways to encourage virality.

BandPage by RootMusic was on the list with 338,500 DAU; the app allows bands and fans to connect with music on Facebook.

There were a couple of iPad apps. Flipboard, with 257,900 DAU, is an app that allows users to read news and social media in a magazine layout on their iPads. Then MyPad for iPad is a Facebook app for iPad with 153,500 DAU this week. Two Connect apps, Yahoo with 213,600 and Windows Live Messenger with 133,700 DAU, were also on the list. The final app on our list was Quiz Taco with 96,600 DAU; the app is a Q&A with raunchy questions of your friends, publishing a feed story with each answer.

Check in Friday to see the top emerging Facebook apps growing by 100,000 to 1 million  MAU.

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