Turn Your iPad Into A DJ Booth With Turnplay App

Ramotion has launched a new app that lets you turn your iPad into a vinyl turntable called Turnplay.  The app, which is now available in the App Store for $1.99, lets you play music from your iTunes library as though it were on vinyl records.

The app is based on the classic Technics turntable that sold more than 3 million units. You can create a virtual vinyl record of the song from your iTunes library and manipulate the speed, and control the digital turntable using the iPad’s touchscreen. You can scratch the virtual LP and switch the playback speed using 33/45 buttons and mix between songs as though you were at a real deck. The virtual turntable has animations and sound effects that emulate a needle hitting a moving record.

The records even come with virtual album covers. The app supports retina displays as well.

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