Turn Your WordPress Blog into an App in Minutes with UppSite

Want to turn your blog into an app? Check out Uppsite, a tool that lets you do just that. The platform will help you transform your WordPress blog into a native mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows and you don’t have to know anything about writing code.

All you have to do is install the UppSite tool as a plugin in WordPress and then you can access the tool through your WordPress admin page under the mobile tab on the settings page. The UppSite tool will instantly transform your blog into an app. Once you’ve created it, you can customize the design of your app if you like and add things like push notifications and social feeds.

UppSite will submit your apps to the different app stores for you, though you’ve got to create a developer account to do this. Pretty soon UppSite will offer analytics tools, so that you’ll be able to measure your app’s traffic and engagement metrics. UppSite offers a tiered pricing service that ranges from free to $29.99 a month, depending on what services you’d like to use.

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